Peace Week 2017

I have been learning about Peace Week.
Peace Week is an annual tradition organised by The Peace Foundation every year. You can learn more about The Peace Foundation by following this LINK.

As a way to learn about Peace Week I did three different Peace Week activities.

With Miss Brennan we created a poster to help promote peace and Peace Week.
With Mrs Baker we made hand print doves and wrote messages of peace on them.
With Mr Horn we looked at the symbols of peace such as the dove and created origami doves.

Here is an example of one of my activities


We are learning to understand musical notation and apply this on the recorder.

Great work Nathan and everyone in Room 2!

3D Shape Properties

I am learning about the properties of 3D shapes.

I will know I am successful when:
     I can construct a 3D shape.
     I can describe the properties of my 3D shape.

Great diagram Nathan!

Mathletics Class of the Week for New Zealand

We are learning to practice our maths skills.

We know we have been successful because we won the prize for being the best Mathletics class in New Zealand for the week.

Great work Nathan and everyone in Room 2!

The Classroom of the Future

We are learning about 'what changes we could make to our learning environment?'

We will know we have been successful when:

     We have thought of some ideas for changes we would like to make.
     We have produced a model that includes these ideas.

Looking good Nathan!  Keep up the good work.

Snakes and chances maths game

I can learn through playing a maths game.


I will know I am successful when:

I can add numbers together.

I can work cooperatively with others.


Good work Nathan!

Friday Te Reo Lessons in the Hall

I am learning to sing waiata.

I will know I am successful when I can:

pronounce the vocabulary
join in with the actions

Insect Models

I am learning to make a paper mache insect.

My insect has the correct body parts.
I can create using paper mache.

Your insect is looking good Nathan, keep up the good work.

Cross Country Running

I am learning to run long distances.

I can pace myself over a long distance.
I can compete fairly.

Great running Nathan!

Styx Mill Reserve Trip Recount

I am learning to
  • write a recount
I will know that I am successful when I have
  • helped my audience to know a lot about something (my Styx Mill trip)
  • Included many important words about my topic

Well done Nathan, you have described what we did on our trip.


I am learning to make my  handwriting neat.

I will know I am successful when:

The writing in my handwriting book is neat.
My writing in my other books is neat.

Neat work Nathan, keep it up!

Guided Reading

Learning Objective: recognise that texts are shaped for different purposes and audiences.

I will know I am successful when:

I can say what I know about the characters. I can say what I think it is about
I can say why I think someone wrote this book (to entertain, persuade or inform)

Well done Nathan. You read this book carefully and showed you understood what it was about.